Mid-season report

posted: July 5, 2023, 4:38 PM

We're about halfway through this year's turtle season! We have 42 nests so far this year (we had 41 nests on this date last year).
There have been 54 false crawls this year compared to 49 last year.

Our first teams are beginning to "watch" nests during the evening this week. Nest #1 that was laid on May 12 is due to hatch on July 6 (that would be 55 days after it was laid) ---but we really don't expect that to happen. Because the sand is colder when it was laid and the weather is cooler in May and early June those early nests usually take longer (possibly 60-65) days to incubate. But soon we should be seeing hatchlings on the beach.

The last couple days we've found numerous false crawls in the mornings. This is when the mother comes ashore but does not lay a nest. We're not sure why, perhaps the crowds on the beach or the fireworks or lightening may have frightened these mommas causing them to go back into the water without laying. Please remember to not shine lights or take flash photos if you see a mother or hatchling on the beach. Please call our stranding team emergency number 910 754-0766,

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