Wild Nest #65

posted: September 6, 2022, 2:48 PM

We have nest #65! It is what we call a WILD nest. Back on July 15 a mother came ashore. The early morning rider found the tracks, but it was identified as False Crawl #62. We didn't think she had laid a nest. But she had! It hatched yesterday (52 days after it was laid).

Vacationers reported hatchling tracks on the beach. A team of eight volunteers followed small tracks for over an hour, but still couldn't find the nest. A vacationing couple found it on the back of the dune. Unfortunately, due to this location, many of the babies saw lights in houses and car ports and went in the wrong direction. We're uncertain how many made it into the ocean on their own.

The team inventoried the nest and found 96 hatched shells, they did help three turtles into the water.
**This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Holden Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 22ST11)**

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