Red shirts on the beach

posted: July 25, 2022, 2:20 PM

There are many HBTP red shirts on the beach both morning and evening. Last week that hatching season started with five nests boiling and hatchlings going into the water.

We also had problems with a fox on the beach last week, she was able to dig up one of the nests. The volunteer team added a metal fox cage to try to keep her out...but she was "foxy" and was able to get into the nest again. The nest had to be closed and three hatchlings were saved and went into the ocean.

There were full houses at both Children's Turtle Time and Turtle Talk last week. Get there early! These events are at the Holden Beach Chapel this year.

This photo is of a mother turtle that was spotted on the beach on Saturday was spotted vacationers who called out the stranding team. This was nest #55 for the season. The size of the clutches mother turtles are laying are getting smaller indicating that the season is slowing down. We expect to have mothers on the beach for a few more weeks.

Walk the beach in the early evening and seek out the HBTP members....we'll be glad to talk with you about turtles that nest on our beach.

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