Exciting time on our beach

posted: July 25, 2021, 7:07 PM

Finally after waiting for several weeks nests 2 and 3 boiled this week with hatchlings headed to the ocean. This is a an exciting time of the year with Turtle Patrol members "watching" nests in the evenings looking for signs of hatchlings, while mother turtles are still nesting . Twice this past week our members were witnesses to mother turtles coming ashore during the evening while they were on the beach. These are photos of a nesting mother laying nest #61 on our beach Saturday night. "Watching" a nest is when a Turtle Patrol adoption team visits a nest each evening starting 50 days after it was laid. They continue to watch the nest until it hatches (typically this is 10-15 nights).

We will continue to conduct Children's Turtle Time and Turtle Talk for two more weeks (July 28 and August 4).

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