Increased turtle activity on the beach

posted: June 27, 2021, 1:11 PM

After a slow several weeks, the numbers of momma turtles laying eggs on Holden Beach has really picked up....especially these past three days and each day it kept getting better and better. Friday there were two new nests (# 25 and #26) along with three false crawls (when the momma turtles comes onto the beach but doesn’t lay eggs). Saturday there were new three nests. Sunday there were four nests. Momma turtles are expected to continue laying eggs for at least six more weeks.

This coming week teams will begin “watching nests” in the evening. This means the first nests are expected to hatch soon. Typically nests hatch in 50 to 60 days from when they were laid. Be looking for these Turtle Patrol members on the beach and ask them about these nests.

These photos are of nests #27 and #29 on the rainy Saturday morning.

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