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Tuesday Update

posted: July 2, 2019, 10:20 AM

We are up to a record setting 67 nests and 76 false crawls as of this morning.
Sunday and yesterday were busy days for the momma turtles and the turtle patrol.
Sunday evening about 6 p.m. vacationers called our stranding phone that there was a momma turtle on the beach laying eggs. What a wonderful treat from them to watch. This was nest #65 for the season. Vacationers placed 3 other calls sighting mommas overnight...but two of these were false crawls...likely the mother was frightened and went back into the water. Our team called the other one a false crawl, too, but vacationers insisted that they saw the mother lay the the eggs. After careful searching the team found the eggs and this became nest #66.

Momma turtles do seem to be wandering the beach at night. If you spot one please don't approach, shine a lite on them or take flash photos....this may spook the mother turtle and she may go back into the water without laying their eggs. Fireworks later in the week may frighten them, too! Please call us if you see turtles.

Nest #1 is collared and a team is watching. Nest #2 collars tonight. We'll soon have baby turtles on the beach!

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