Turtle Tuesday

posted: May 28, 2019, 3:12 PM

It seems the mother turtles are especially busy on Tuesdays at Holden Beach: last Tuesday there were 5 new nests and 1 false crawl while this morning there were 4 false crawls and 1 new nest. Currently we have 18 nests and 15 false crawls. A visitor this morning asked what would make the mother turtle crawl all the way to the dune, dig a body pit but not lay any eggs. It's impossible to know the exact reason but it's possible the mother was startled during the nesting process or changed her mind about the location. The patrol will keep an eye on the false crawl locations in the event the mother turtle fooled the morning teams and carefully hid her eggs.

Dr. Brian Spilker, a veterinarian visitng Holden Beach, saw this mother turtle leaving one of the false crawls this morning around 6am. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

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