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On their way!

posted: April 26, 2019, 2:32 PM

Both Georgia and South Carolina have had their first loggerhead sea turtle nests of the 2019 nesting season. Our first nest of the season won't be far behind!

Officially the nesting season on Holden Beach starts on May 1 when our ATV riders begin their early morning searches for mother turtle "crawls".

Please remember that it is important to keep ocean facing lights turned off, this includes carport lights. These lights may attract and confuse the mother turtle.

Also please refrain from using flashlights on the beach at night whenever possible---this is really the best way to see what's happening -- let the moon shine down. Be aware that the light provided by cell phones is very bright. For years we have promoted the use of red cloths on flashlights to change the color of the light so it will have less effect on the turtles-- these cloths don't work as well with cell phone and LED lights. Even if you have a red cloth on your flashlight please keep it pointed down to the sand and NEVER pointed at a mother turtle, a baby turtle or at a nest.

This year's turtle season is almost here!

Thanks to islandturtlewatch.com for the graphic..it says it all!

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