Wild Nest #30

posted: August 14, 2018, 1:53 PM

You may note from our statistics that we now have 30 nests. How'd we get 30 without finding new momma tracks on the beach? It's called a WILD nest. As the team was cleaning up from closing nest #12 last night, a young vacationer came running up shouting there were hatchlings "all over the beach" about 200 yards west of nest 12. The team found lots of tracks and about 35-40 hatchlings were rounded up and put in the water. Following the tracks, the nest was found, so we now have nest 30. There were momma tracks with two body pits near that location on June 17. A morning team searched for this nest, but didn't find it, so it was recorded as a false crawl #13. This wild nest may be from that crawl. Never a dull moment on the beach!

Update on this nest August 15---under the direction of the NCWRC, our Program Coordinator, and a couple team members, excavated this nest Tuesday night. They found the shells of 98 eggs and helped 11 hatchlings into the water. Overall a successful nest and a nice surprise.

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