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End of nesting? Possibly

posted: August 13, 2018, 3:46 PM

It appears that the nesting season is over on Holden Beach. The last time a
new momma turtle laid eggs on our beach was July 22 (nest # 29). Then there
were tracks and a false crawl on August 1. The policy is to wait two weeks
from the last sighting of a momma (nest or crawl) before we officially
declare the nesting season over. We might have new nests in the next couple
of days, but it is not likely. This doesn't mean the Turtle Patrol's work is
done for the year! Our morning riders will still be out on patrol early
mornings checking the status of the nests that we still have on the beach.
Patrol members are still watching nests each evening, almost half of the
nest have hatched and we've had over 800 hatchings enter the water. There
will be three more Turtle Talks on Wednesday evenings this month at 7 p.m.
at town hall.
In case you're wondering, 29 nests is low for our beach, but the numbers are
low for the whole state this year (740 nests as of last Wednesday). There are usually
ups and down with numbers and this is just a "down" year and nothing to get
overly concerned about. We've only had loggerhead turtles nest on our beach, but
there have been 2 leatherback turtles, 11 green turtles and 12 Kemp Ridleys across the
state...all the rest are loggerheads.
Two nests closed and one boiled over the past three days. It's still a busy time. Photos are of a closing over this weekend.

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