Another busy week on the Beach

posted: August 5, 2018, 10:59 PM

It was another busy week for the Holden Beach Turtle Patrol! Nests 4 and 6 closed on Monday night, nest 8 closed on Tuesday night and nests 5 and 7 closed on Sunday night, August 5. Two hatchlings were found in nest 7 and 1 in nest 5 (pictured here).

The first 8 of our 29 nests are now closed but there are still 21 more yet to go! Nests 9-12 are collared and nest 13 will be collared on Monday. It's been 2 weeks since nest 29 was laid; we'll continue to monitor the beach for new nests but it may be that nest 29 is our last of the season.

Thank you to the visitors who alerted the patrol to the nest 5 boil late Thursday evening and several hatchling sightings on the beach Friday and Saturday!

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