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Last Turtle Talk this week

posted: August 27, 2017, 1:06 PM

This past week was a busy time for Turtle Patrol members. Babies in the water morning, noon and night. Vacationers found babies heading to the beach early Wednesday morning on nest #28. Due to the warmer weather later in the season, nests this week hatched between days 50 and 56 of incubation.

Three nests were closed/inventoried on Friday night and three more were closed/inventoried on Saturday night. This leaves only 17 nests on the beach. Three are currently collared and “active” with HBTP members watching them each night.

For those that have been asking and watching, nest #17 was also inventoried over the weekend. This was day 75 (the nest was laid on June 12). Sadly the team found only 54 infertile eggs.

These photos were taken by Turtle Patrol members of two of the eight babies that were found deep in nest #25 during Saturday night’s closing.

The final Turtle Talk of the year will be this Wednesday @ 7 pm @ Town Hall.

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