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Is it still nesting season?

posted: August 14, 2017, 5:06 PM

Our last momma turtle was seen on the beach last Monday August 7.....that doesn't necessarily mean the nesting season is over. We wait two weeks without a nest or a false crawl to declare it over. You never know! With 47 nests so far...we're inching toward reaching 52---that's the number of nests we had last year.

Nest #13 finally hatched. The team has been watching this nest on the east end of the island for 16 days. Many of our nests have gone much earlier with less than 55 days incubation...but this shows dedication and determination. We start "watching" a nest every night starting 50 days after it was laid. This was a "natural nest" that was marked but left where the mother put it. They had 126 hatchlings scurrying to the water.

Five new nests are scheduled to be collared this week...so look for Turtle Patrol members on the beach each night! We're really only about halfway through the hatching portion of the season...so many more exciting nights on the beach to come.

Photo: If only the real hatchings could be so organized! Courtesy of folks on the west end Saturday night.

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