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Wasn't a False Crawl!

posted: June 11, 2017, 10:13 AM

The early morning rider today spotted a mother's turtle's crawl...but the sand area didn't look quite right. It might be a false crawl. But a team was called to search for eggs. For a while it didn't appear there would be any eggs...but the suddenly there was just one. Then after a little more digging more appeared and then more. In the end the team moved 153 eggs to a safer location further back on the beach. This is a large amount of eggs for any nest and especially for one that was originally thought to be a false crawl.

Another nest was found by the riders yesterday at the far west end of the island, almost in the ICW. This one had 142 eggs and it also was moved to a safer location.

Photos of nest #16 on Sunday June 11.

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