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Lots of False Crawls

posted: June 5, 2017, 1:47 PM

The mother turtles are visiting our beach! As of this morning we have 11 nests on Holden Beach. We've also had 30 FALSE CRAWLS. This is when the mother turtle comes ashore and looks for a place to lay her eggs....but goes back into the ocean without doing so. Will she come back? We hope. Perhaps she'll go to another beach the next night. We really hope she won't "drop" the eggs in the ocean. Yes, this does seem to be a lot of false crawls.

The HBPT had a relatively quiet weekend. Friday there was one False Crawl, the team dug looking for eggs and couldn't find any. Early morning riders on Saturday and Sunday did not find any crawls in the sand. Last night our Stranding Team got called out when people spotted a mother turtle laying eggs. Lucky team members and visitors got to see this. A 2nd mother also laid eggs last night and a team of HBTP members moved that nest early this morning.

Photos are of the false crawl on Friday June 2 and the early morning rider on Saturday (even when there are no nests, it's a beautiful time to be on the beach!)

Don't forget, the first Turtle Talk starts this week. Wednesday @ 7 p.m. @ Town Hall.

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