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Our wonderful volunteers!

posted: April 26, 2017, 9:21 PM

Our Turtle Patrol is getting up and moving for this year! Volunteers will be at Days at the Docks this weekend with information about the HBTP, Turtle Talk and how you can help the turtles. We'll also have this year's T-shirt available to purchase. Our morning riders will begin looking for mother turtle tracks on May 1. Last year our first turtle nest was found on May 26...wonder when she will come this year.

Announcing our four Assistant Beach Coordinators for this year: Cheryl Washburn, Alice Cusack John Cifelli,and Donna McGowan (left to right in top photo).
The officers of the Holden Beach Turtle Watch Program are Dave Lurix, Treasurer; Tony Marwitz, President; Nan Rex, Secretary and Pat Cusack is our Project Coordinator (left to right bottom photo).

If you live on the beach, now is the time to remember to turn of any lights the face the beach....the momma turtles are coming.

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