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Lots of Activity

posted: June 26, 2016, 11:43 AM

We've had lots of turtle activity over this weekend....a special turtle, too. Yesterday (Saturday) there were 4 crawls found on the the beach and this morning 7 crawls were found. What was exciting that one yesterday appeared to be a Green Sea Turtle. Teams searched for eggs but unfortunately none were found....false crawl? or maybe the mother just did a great job of hiding them! Over all out of the 11 crawls this weekend ....eggs were found in only two of them. Nest 28 had 141 eggs and Nest 29 136. Special appreciation to all the turtle patrol members who spent hours looking for these eggs.

The "regular" sea turtle that nests on our beach is the Loggerhead. To have Green Turtle nesting is unique.. See the photos below of the possible green turtle crawl. While Green Turtles are typically larger than Loggerheads, they aren't as big as the Leatherback. The Green's flipper width was 41". See the photos below of these turtle tracks in the sand.

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