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Nesting Season is Over

posted: August 21, 2015, 12:21 PM

It has been over two weeks since the last signs of a mother turtle on Holden Beach. Nest #53 was laid on August 2. There was a false crawl a couple days later. This two week period without a mother turtle sighting usually means the nesting season is over.

But this doesn't mean the turtle season is over. Nest # 25 boiled on Wednesday night and several nests were closed the night before. We're about half way through the hatching part of the season. Nest #53 is due around October 1.

These photos were taken on Tuesday night August 18 @ nest #21 when18 babies scampered to the ocean under a beautiful double rainbow during this nest closing. One baby was still partly in the shell when it was found buried deep in the nest. This little turtle successfully hatched his/herself and later ran into the ocean.

Please note: for the safety of the baby turtles, it is a policy of the HBTP not to publish the locations of turtle nests on our beach.

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