Can't keep up!

posted: July 29, 2015, 1:48 PM

There is so much turtle activity on the beach we can't keep up with the counts!
Last night nest # 7 closed with 16 babies into the ocean (see photos!)
Nest # 5 closes tonight.
Nest # 8 closes tomorrow.
Nest #9 is collared.
Nest # 10 will be collared tonight.
Nest # 11 was collared last night---earlier than expected--but there is a depression.
Nest # 12 collars tomorrow.
Momma turtles are still laying eggs. We had 2 new nests this morning. Nest # 51 had 49 eggs and nest #52 was not moved so it has an unknown # of eggs.

Many babies are leaving the nests in the evening after patrol members and vacationers have left the nest---our ATV riders sees tracks in the sand in the morning---so it's difficult to count the exact # of babies that have gone into the ocean.

Lots of activities on the beach and educational programs at town hall....plenty of opportunities to talk with Turtle Patrol members and learn about our turtles.

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