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Nests almost every morning

posted: June 29, 2015, 3:12 PM

Our morning caller reports that we've had nests almost every morning this past week. We're up to 27 nests on Holden Beach this season. We've moved a total of 2866 eggs so far. The nesting season is still only about half over. There is a possibility that mother turtles will lay eggs until late August. It's not unlikely that we'll have about 50 nests this season if they continue like they have been!

We're not watching nests in the evening, yet. The team will be collaring the first nests next week. After that teams should be on the beach most evenings watching the nests for hatchlings. Nests laid this week are not expected to hatch until mid to late August (incubation is 50-70 days.)

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