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Please fill in holes you dig

posted: June 23, 2015, 9:17 PM

Visitors to our beach are always asking how can they help the turtles. One big thing you can do is fill in any holes you dig during the day before you leave the beach each evening.
The major reason to do this is to remove all obstacles from the path of a nesting mother turtle. If a mother turtle comes ashore she may fall into these holes and get trapped. The photo below of a 250 pound mother turtle that was stuck in a hole in Jacksonville, Florida this past Monday. Luckily the she was rescued by the local turtle patrol. If a mother turtle gets into a hole she can not back herself out of it.. If trapped she may dehydrate and die. Large holes on the beach are also a danger to people walking on the beach after dark and to our ATV riders early in the morning. Please fill in all holes!

The second photo shows members of the Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol rescuing the mother turtle.

Take this link to see video of the rescue:

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