Nests # 2 and 3

posted: May 25, 2015, 6:56 AM

The mother turtles have been busy this weekend.
Nest number two was found yesterday morning near a walkway.
The nest was kept in its original location so the number of eggs are unknown. The momma's flipper width was 40".
When the morning rider finds a "crawl" a team of volunteers is assembled and they search for the eggs.
If it's determined that the eggs are safe from high tides and too much "people traffic", the nest is simply marked and covered with a grate to help keep hungry animals out.
We'll start watching this nest in about 50 days to wait for hatchlings....but early nests always seem to take longer.

There was another nest this morning. Kathy was the rider this morning. Alice and crew moved 145 eggs.
The mother's flipper width was 32"

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