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73 and holding on Holden

posted: September 1, 2013, 11:27 AM

The last known momma laid nest #72 on August 22---over a week-and-a-half ago. We usually consider the nesting season over when it's been 2 weeks since a mother has laid a nest. Some of us are hoping for "just one more" nest so we can beat the record of 73 nests in a season. We're only about half-way through the hatching season and our patrol members are working hard out every night watching the nests. Even if we don't get another mother turtle on the beach we may still get more nests because some of the 75 "false crawls" may turn out to be nests that the mothers hid so well the turtle patrol members couldn't find them (that's how we got nest #73). Photos are of a "crawl" created by a mother turtle as she came ashore and the body pit she created as she laid the eggs. This photo was taken on July 28 of nest #62 before the turtle patrol members began looking for the eggs.

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