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False Crawls

posted: July 11, 2013, 11:14 AM

The turtle mamas have had a tough week. We've had 12 false crawls since last Tuesday (July 2) and only 3 new nests. The beach is very crowded, this may be why the mother turtles are abandoning their efforts to lay eggs. Please, do not bother a mother turtle if you see her attempting to come ashore. Please do not shine lights on the turtles or take flash photos of them. This may only frighten them and cause the to go back into the ocean without laying their eggs. Also, please call our turtle pager # 910-754-0766 if you see a mother turtle. Note: this is a pager (not a cell phone) so you'll need to leave your complete phone number (with area code) and wait for a call back. Hopefully these mommas will find quieter spots or will come back.

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