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When do the turtles hatch?

posted: September 20, 2012, 11:41 AM

That’s a frequent question Turtle Patrol members get while on the beach. The usual answer is we don’t really know (like human babies, they come when they are ready). But, traditionally the hatchlings emerge from the nest at night and usually just after dark. The sand cools when the sun goes down and their instincts tell the babies that it’s safer for them outside. BUT.....somehow our turtles this year are different. We had a nest boil at 6:15 p.m. in broad daylight to the delight of beach goers (no Turtle Patrol members). Thanks to everyone who helped guide the babies to the ocean and chase away the birds. (These two photos were taken by Bolivia resident Nina Maurin who just happened to be there.) Another morning, at 7:15 (again broad daylight), vacationers saw babies in the water from nest #40 and the turtle patrol ATV rider reported many hatchlings heading for an early swim. So you just never know WHEN they are going to hatch. A reminder to people on the beach, if you see turtles and there aren’t any Turtle Patrol members around please call the Turtle Emergency pager at 910-754-0766—punch in your phone number and someone will call you back.

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