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posted: August 31, 2012, 3:13 PM

We haven’t spotted a new mother turtle on the beach for over 3 weeks, but we have two more nests. How does this happen? Tuesday night we had a surprise “boil” at what we’re now calling our 47th nest. Vacationers saw 35 babies to the water and after Turtle Patrol members arrived 32 more babies marched to the sea. This was the site of a “false crawl” earlier this summer, we looked for it but weren’t able to find or mark it. Turtle patrol members closed the nest on Wednesday finding 13 additional hatchlings during a rainstorm.

This is on top of some surprise babies last week. Hatchlings were spotted over a 3 day period around the 800 block of Ocean Blvd West (OBW). The area was searched several times but the nest was never found. This too was likely a “false crawl” nest. We think the babies hatched during one of the many rains we’ve had lately and the nest was quickly covered again after their departure. We can’t call this an official nest because we never found the eggs...but we know there was one there....somewhere.

Those mother turtles do a good job of hiding their nests.

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